In the Beginning was the Word (Part 1) – John 1:1-5

Right at the very beginning of the Gospel of John we find an obvious reference to the opening words of Genesis 1: “In the beginning….” But what is said afterwards is a further revelation of what is said in Genesis. The apostle reveals to us that the Logos was in the beginning and we are encouraged to examine this revelation. Let’s briefly look at each point.

The word choices which John makes reveal the fact that this Word (Logos) is before the beginning. Or, was during the time before time and was there at the beginning that had no beginning. At fist blush, this appears to be nonsensical, but it really does show the glorious truth of the eternal second person of the godhead: Jesus Christ. The grammer and vocabulary prohibit us from having any notion of Him coming into being at the creation. We must also examine the word “Logos”. There are two words commonly translated “word” in the New Testament. The other word means that whichis uttered by a living voice. Logos, on the other hand, can mean a spoken word but can also mean that which embodies a concept or idea. It often is related to the inward thought or reasoning, cause, or consideration. The “Logos” in the Gospel of John is the real, personal God who is God in every way that God is God, and is the revealer of that which is hidden from our perception. He is the outward expression of who God is. (John 14:7-9)

Next we read that, “The Word was with God.” A key to understanding the depth of the fellowship mentioned is the preposition, “with.” In the original, this preposition speaks of movement toward someone or someething. It is use dto imply union and communion. So the apostle is not merely saying that th Logos was “in the neighborhood”, but that in the timeless eternity before the beginning He was one with the Father in the closest relation. the genius of the inspired message here is that the unity in trinity and trinity in unity is preserved. (I John 1:1-4)

Lastly, the identity is explicitly revealed; “The Word (Logos) was God. Again, the original is very specific. The apostle is revealing who the Word is, not who God is. That is to say, he purposefully declares in this glorious climax of revelation that the Logos is none other than God Himself! John, “maintains the personal distinction between God and the Word, but makes the unity of essence and nature to follow the distinction of person, and ascribes to the Word all the attributes of the divine essence…not made a God, as he is said here after to be made flesh; nor constituted or appointed a God, or a God by office; but truly and properly God, in the highest sense of the word, as appears from the names by which he is called…God with us, the mighty God, God over all, the great God, the living God, the true God, and eternal life….” (John Gill)

Dear ones, this is your Savior. He is the one worthy of your heartfelt worship and thankful obedience. He is the revelation of God made manifest in the flesh and on this earth. Behold your glorious Savior. Amen!

All For Him,
Pastor Schlegel

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